Spencer and Kylo live in a not so perfect place. Their parents put them in an orphanage because they didn't have the money to take care of them. Spencer and Kylo were determined to do what had to be done to become greater than mankind itself. With the help of a martial arts mentor, they were ready to stand up to the very thing that threatened their existence. Can they beat the odds and find their inner self?


About The Author 

Jose Montero Jr., is a talented 7th grader in Pennsylvania. He loves to joke around with friends and family, listen to music, and kick-back while watching tv and playing video games. Additionally, Jose has a passion for being active and has been awarded both defensive and offensive MVP awards in football. He has also been recognized for various athletic achievements in cross country, P.E. fitness, and Taekwondo. Not only is Jose also excelling academically, as noted by his school’s honor roll, but he recently added author to his list of accomplishments. Jose found inspiration for his book through his own multicultural identity. Jose wants his book to empower youth who might be doubting their own unique ethnicities and to instead focus on the gift of being multicultural. Jose is striving to become a better person each day with the opportunities before him. He wants to become a person that stands out from the crowd and always put his best foot forward.

"Dauntless Warriors: The Wrath of Covid" by Jose Montero Jr.


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