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“'This book is inspirational and right at the level for young children to understand and embrace.  My children are in a similar predicament and I can truly appreciate this book. My daughter was very interested in reading this book and it created ideas in her of how she can change mentalities of those in her own circle of influence. This is only a ripple effect and can begin changing the world as we know it!!! Keep it going!"

Crystal Smithson West 

"This is such a great story and should be in every classroom and library. Children have so many issues to deal with these days, this book is an excellent tool to help discuss inclusion and diversity to any group of children. I will be buying more for friends and my children's daycare."

Bethany Hover 

"This is a great book for classrooms, libraries, and counselors offices in addition to families' personal libraries. Representation is important and this book helps young children learn to positively identify with their family's cultures. It helps children to know they are more than a category on some form. I loved the integration of Spanish and think it was a very unique component. Great book to help children of all backgrounds to appreciate their peers."

Katherine West

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